Messages of Change[1]

ISBN : 978-1906856397



Evenlode is published by Oversteps

With the River Evenlode as a bright thread which runs fluidly through the writing, this collection looks back to the work in How to Make a Woman Out of Water, but goes on to establish itself deep in new and powerful regions. Healing is a central theme, and the collection takes the form of a river-journey past a series of destinations.

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Angry-Planet-JPEGThe Angry Planet

Charles Bennett’s environmental sequence of poems set as a large scale choral cantata by composer Bob Chilcott and featured in the BBC Proms 2012.

The Angry Planet is the latest collaboration between award-winning poet Charles Bennett and composer/conductor Bob Chilcott. The poems capture poignant and powerful aspects of landscape to develop a mood of celebration and mourning.

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Orchard Days

Orchard Days is a collection of poems which accompany a poetry trail commissioned by the Arts Council for the Dragon Orchard, Herefordshire. Twelve brief poems (one for each month) reflect seasonal changes and events during the course of a year. Stunningly illustrated with photographs by Richard Crompton, the poems also feature in a short BBC film. 


ISBN : 1-902096-74-6


Charles Bennett’s first collection, is published by Headland. It’s crammed with curious characters – a snowdrop girl, cursed princess and a woman in a tank of scorpions. There’s the boy who became a table, the Missing Link and the lonely mermaid. It’s also a book of mystery – you can read the unicorn diaries, be appalled by what your teeth do at night, learn to catch vultures, listen to the storm bell and kiss a nettle. Alluring and mysterious, the collection assumes the haunting quality of a fairy tale. Through citrus and musk, icicles and fog, we are seduced by a spell both sinister and perfectly compelling.

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ISBN : 9781904634423

How to Make a Woman Out of Water

How to Make a Women Out of Water is published by Enitharmon and is available directly from them or through Amazon. As might be expected from the title, there’s a magical dimension to these poems, with water as a dominant theme. The idea of getting into deep water is related to the theme of darkness and deep sleep and also being deeply in love. All these themes are interwoven in a central sequence.

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