How to Make a Woman Out of Water is published by Enitharmon and is available directly from them or through Amazon. As might be expected from the title, there’s a magical dimension to these poems, with water as a dominant theme. The idea of getting into deep water is related to the theme of darkness and deep sleep and also being deeply in love. All these themes are interwoven in a central sequence.

Mark Doty praises the collection’s unique vision:

Moth and bat, a hare in the snow, a minnow’s heart that ‘ticks with the drizzle of static’: Charles Bennett’s concise poems are like windows in an Advent calendar, artfully drawn frames opening onto a world informed by tenderness and a poet’s curious, open gaze.

The title poem appeared in The Times with an appreciation from Frieda Hughes, and Patricia Fargnoli, the New Hampshire Poet Laureate, wrote a highly positive review on Amazon. If you’d like to sample some poems from the collection try ‘Nantucket’, or ‘Jackdaw Morning’ at the Poetry Library, or an early version of ‘Swimming Over London’ first published in Magma, and set by Bob Chilcott for the King’s Singers.